dough flat trailhead to sespe hot springs

At the Also through the Creek area, it's easy to lose the trail. To get to dough flat hang right not straight. Below is an example of another slide found along this section of trail: Once along the Sespe river the trail is easy to follow for a while until it crosses to the south side of the river bed. LockA locked padlock ALLTRAILS and the AllTrails Mountain Design are registered trademarks of AllTrails, LLC in the United States as well as certain other jurisdictions. The first 9.5 miles of our hike followed our previous path to Willett Hot Springs. Just two hours from Los Angeles, the Sespe Hot Springs feel worlds away. The general deer hunting season in Zone D13 starts this weekend October 12 and lasts through November 10. shake down cruises out of Dough Flat to Sespe Hot Springs and Alder Sespe; snow shoe trips in the Sierra Nevada; dashes through the Grand Canyon; hundred mile sections of the PCT in the Cascades; loops in Big Bend: I am proud to say I . From Sespe Camp, Johnson Ridge Trail continues another half-mile before starting its climb away from the creek. CHAPTER 1 Introduction to the Southern Los Padres CHAPTER 2 About This Guide PART I SANTA BARBARA AND WESTERN MT. Be very cautious en route to trailhead. It was admittedly a long-shot for most of the prospective volunteers a three-day mid-week sojourn via Dough Flat, that trailhead I last visited during last fall . Turn north on A Street/Goodenough Road and drive 14.1 miles to Dough Flat Trailhead. Along the way there are several forks off to the right, but all are marked as private. ALLTRAILS and the AllTrails Mountain Design are registered trademarks of AllTrails, LLC in the United States as well as certain other jurisdictions. Thanks for all the information! 341: . On the way down I encountered three hikers . It is overgrown and my legs did get banged up some wearing capris. Day 1 made it all the way to Sespe hot springs which was rough. Also through the Creek area, it's easy to lose the trail. 2.5 mi to Trailhead. Best if you're headed west since it's downhill. Upper Sespe River Trail. All in all, trail is in good shape, minus the abundance of swingin dongs at every other swimming hole. From this slide to the Sespe river there are a few other small slides but none pose nearly as great a hazard as the one above. Water is plentiful. Both were in places where there has been historical slide damage: We were attempting to access sespe creek from dough flat trail head, but got turned around just after climbing out of alder creek on the sespe river trail. Hike north 2.5 miles to the first trail junction, and then turn left toward Alder Creek. Mountain bikes are not permitted in designated wilderness areas. On average, the soaking pools are about 105 degrees. 379: Route 93 Buck Creek 20W01 18W01 and 19W05. (805) 967-3481 or (805) 724-0079, Santa Lucia Ranger District Posted in Condor Trail, Sespe Wilderness, Trail Reports. It is primarily within the southern Los Padres National Forest. The water spicketts at Willett Camp were dried up as well. I tried going via the Alder Creek trail from Dough Flat. He's creepy as hell. Gregg from Santa Barbara thanks for the coconut water and checking on me at Willetts (was in a bad way on Sunday) thank you :) mh, Amazing but Im confused this says 15 miles when its actually more like a full 40 mile hike (in and out), For the love of solitude and hiking, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR EXTRA FOOD TO THE GUY LIVING IN THE WILDERNESS, PAN UPDATE This is a steep country road. Hike From Highway 33 take Rose Valley Road to the Piedra Blanca Trailhead. But if you want to go the shortest route, the Ojai Ranger District suggests starting your hike at the Dough Flat Trailhead, north of the town of Fillmore. We provide tools and tips to discover All trail campsites in the Sespe Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest A total of 29 Sespe Wilderness Camps are currently available. These springs also issue forth from a rock wall, but the water is in a temperature range more conducive to soaking. The pools were washed away, so my friend and I (mostly my friend) built one by scooping the shale and using the rocks to divert the cold river and the hot river for the perfect temperature. Overall a beautiful trail., Lots of glass shattered on the ground and trash. Pratt Trail 4/22 1162. It was an incredible 30-something mile hike and one of my earliest backpacking trips. We only went to the second camp but the stream was beautiful. The south facing slope is sparsely vegetated and I never found myself on an uncomfortable slope. Tough spot for stock near Kerr Spring because of narrow trail and big step. Trailhead for the Sespe Hot Springs hike is way out here too. Please take a look at the area details below for more information about visiting this location. The trail is still in good shape but a bit hard to follow in spots but there are some trail markers. Difficulty: moderate from trailhead to Cow Spring Camp; difficult to Shady Camp turnoff. SESPE WILDERNESS - More information on the Sespe Wilderness:, Maps: Tom Harrison - Sespe Wilderness Map or 7.5 minute USGS topographic maps (Devils Heart Peak). the lupine and blue dicks). We believe good things come from people spending time outside. Piedra Blanca Trailhead to Willet Hot Springs - Sespe Wilderness, Los Padres National Forest; . Route 84 Middle Sespe Trail 22W04. Expect to see a lot more activity within D13 over the next month and in particular this long holiday weekend. From Sespe River Trail, Johnson Ridge Trail follows Hot Springs Canyon north and arrives at Sespe Camp a half-mile later. Also known as Arroyo Sespe, Cespai River, Sespe River. Map Information, Interactive Visitor Map: Los Padres National Forest, Forest Recreation Informational Brochures. Its heat can be felt in the stream all the way through the foot of the canyon and the floor of the campsites that dot the trail are substantially warmer than sites located near the Sespe River Trail. Ojai Ranger District - Phone: (805) 646-4348 or (661) 805-1057, Mon-Fri 8-430pm. Noida, India 17 miracles snake story +91 9313127275 ; contraction de texte en ligne Two hiking and equestrian trails (Forest Trails 22W04 and 20W30) parallel Sespe Creek for part of the length of the WSR corridor. First is Oak Flat Camp (2600 feet) (7.4 miles from trailhead). The Alder Creek Trail offers Wilderness access along a moderately difficult, nine and a half mile trail from Dough Flat to Sespe River. This trail is great for backpacking, camping, and hiking, and it's unlikely you'll encounter many other people while exploring. The name Sespe can be traced to a Chumash Indian village, called Cepsey, Sek-pe or S'eqpe' ("Kneecap") in the Chumash language in 1791. Jon B. and I backpacked a loop to Sespe Hot Springs, Alder-Sespe confluence, up the Alder Creek narrows to Shady Camp and out. Plenty of water coming down all of the side canyons too, if sespe creek water isn't your flavor of water that you prefer. Sespe River Trail to Willett Hot Springs [CLOSED], Bear Creek via Sespe River Trail [CLOSED], Gridley Trail, Nordhoff Ridge and Pratt Trail Loop [CLOSED], Nordhoff Ridge to Chief and Nordhoff Peaks [CLOSED], Lion Canyon Trail to Hines Peak [CLOSED], Nordhoff Ridge via the Lion Canyon Trail [CLOSED], Chief Peak Rd to Nordhoff Ridge and Howard T. [CLOSED]. We found a small spring around the 6.5 mile mark, but that was the only water source we were able to find aside from the major springs. Water flowing intermittently with the deeper pools still holding especially near Bear and just upstream of Oak flat. From uphill side, Slide @ (34.5798, -118.9647). Went to the first 2 creek crossings to find both completely dry.. I'd planned to go on to Hot Spring Canyon but didn't want to ford the creek four more times in each direction, and I heard Hot Spring Canyon was washed out. In the summer months, water is normally very low and there is not much shade so it can be very hot. Willett Hot Springs is about 10 miles from the trailhead and Sespe Hot Springs is about 6 miles further, past Willett. No fee to park. Moderately difficult hike. (661) 245-3731 ext. Lots of trash and horse poop. We'll update this page if and when it reopens. At about the 4.5-mile mark from the Piedra Blanca Trailhead one arrives at Bear Creek Camp. Sespe Hot Springs is a remote, backcountry spring that can only be accessed by foot or horseback. This can be done without a shovel. This trail is called the Sespe River Trail, and it is the most-traveled trail due to its campsites and water sources. The hot springs were quite awesome, lots of pools to choose from, the water was flowing well so most don't have that much algae buildup. Once at the hot springs, we used some shovels others had left behind to dig out built up sediment and create some pools. I saw it along the entire trail. Below is a list of the biogeographic regions within Ventura County I have developed for the flora, listed alphabetically, with many local placenames associated with the bioregion included: Agua Blanca Creek. Recorded time is mostly moving. The river is considered one of the best trout fishing streams in Ventura County. You could probably take the first ridge down as well but the upper section looked a little sketcy to me.. We broke it up in 3 days. When Dough Flat Road is dry, you can drive a 2WD vehicle on the road. Good for most of the time but where it is bad it is horrible. You will also see an old road cut paralleling the ridge for a while but I stayed just above it on the ridge. This route passes by the disappointing Willet Hot Springa rubber cistern in the ground that's filled with algaeas it follows the Sespe Creek. It is folded and and it is held in place with a large rock. I was bitten somewhere in one of those two locations. Trail is mostly clear until this point but upon decent and through Alder Camp, beware of poison oak. 1. Initially the hikers were not located. and reservations. Trail in good shape and easy to follow. This is a narrow rough I drove to the Dough Flat trailhead in a 1974 Pinto operated sanely at a speed appropriate to the road and the modest capabilities of that vehicle. (LogOut/ Expect to get wet crossing the stream. Only came across 3 other groups in 3 days. The water temp was about 106 degrees in the pool we chose. that is a private gated community. Thank you to the Ventura county sheriffs for trying to take care of this bizarre situation! Lovely hike in with fall foliage, and the hot springs are hard to match in California. Unfortunately the rain has done little to tamp down the biting gnats, though they are only an issue at the canyon of sespe hot springs. Within the Los Padres, D13 covers the Mt Pinos Ranger District east of Hwy 33 and the Ojai District north and east of Sespe Creek. Non-native: PricklyPoppy: Argemone munita From there . Take Highway 126 to Fillmore. Water along the entire stretch of the Sespe from Piedra Blanca to Alder Creek. Lots of snakes, bugs and poison oak but the hot springs are worth it! you continue to the parking area at Dough Flat. We were about a mile passed willet and let them know he was somewhere around that area. The next trail junction is 2.7 miles. Sespe Hot Springs offers a difficult, but rewarding hike. At about 10.5 miles from Dough Flat, Sespe River Trail arrives at Johnson Ridge Trail and the turn off for Sespe Hot Springs. Not a whole lot to say here that hasn't been said already. He tried to get me to skinny dip with him (I'm a guy). However, the easiest (Piedra Blanca) has been closed due to fire damage since December of 2017. The last spot with running water was the creek a bit before Oak Flats, maybe 2.5 miles before Willet Hot Springs. As long as youre prepared for elevation and give yourself enough time, its well worth the hike! If there is no water there, continue downstream Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If you visit on the weekend, it's probably very busy at Willet. Get updates on conditions, surveys and more Los Padres Forest Association - 10-03-2015, Los Padres Forest Association - 02-28-2017,,, Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara & Ventura, Because the optimal way to walk the GMT is from north-to-south (the other direction involves a 3,000 foot ascent of the southern, sun exposed ramparts of the Pine Mountain ridge), we dropped a car Lion Campground where the Sespe Trail begins and then drove up the Maricopa Highway to the trailhead near Reyes Creek and Camp Scheideck.

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